Healthy Shinny Hair Wellness Potion

The elements in this wellness potion have all the components to assist in achieving healthy shinny, strong hair.  I drank this juice three to four times a week while I was sick.  My hair regained its strength and was growing back in no time.  Something that my family doctor said was unlikely to happen.

The ingredients in this wellness potion help with maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem,  and were selected for there ability to help revitalize the hair from within.

High levels of antioxidants, a wide range of vitamins and minerals such as copper, sulphur, zinc, potassium, in combination with phenolic compounds, and the means to alkalize the body was my mission.  I wasn’t going to let Alopecia or any of my other immune and digestive issues define me.   I incorporated this juice alongside daily meditation, journaling, yoga and Pilates, fresh air plus the LOVE and support of my family.  Within weeks I noticed a major change in my hair as well as my mood, energy levels and my outlook on healing myself without the fist full of prescriptions that my doctor had prescribed.


1 small head of organic Romain lettuce
1 small head of organic red cabbage (green works fine as well)
1 organic cucumber
1 head small head of celery
2 organic golden beets
5 organic apples such as pink lady, honey crisp, or granny smith
juice of 1 lemon

Wash and prepare your produce.  Run through a juicer.




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