Ginger – Burdock Root Tisan

Sunday morning are better with this warming, healing, and beautifying tisan.  Its super easy and includes only three ingredients – fresh ginger, burdock root, and mugwort.  This healing combination creates amazing health benefits, that gorgeous emerald green color plus earthy aroma are just simply captivating.  Ginger is the healer of all healers.  It is antiviral, […]

Molasses Milk Latte

Simple and easy with the delicious taste and wonderful health benefits of molasses.    Molasses is one of the healthiest natural sweeteners, however, it is processed which I’m not a huge fan of BUT I do love that it has vital vitamins and minerals, plus it offers amazing antioxidants, it can help prevent menstrual cramps due to […]

Super Green Wellness Potion Smoothie

Super charge your morning with this unbelievable Wellness Potion Smoothie bowl.  Whether it’s pre or post workout, you will have energy for days!  Cilantro is packed with vitamins and minerals to help build strong bones, teeth, and hair, helps to lower cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, supports healthy cardiovascular function and removes heavy metals from the […]