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sleep + anxiety + mood balm  

2 oz 


a nourishing balm to help promote calmness and relaxation plus ease the feelings of anxiety and emotional stress. 


ingredients: sweet almond oil infused with lavender, pink rose, chamomile, mugwort, bergamot, passionflower, castor oil, marula oil, carnauba wax essential oils of clary sage, bergamot, lavender, lemon.


how to use: with clean hands, apply a small amount to pulse points, temples, third eye and bottoms of feet before bed or throughout the day when feeling you need to ease stress and anxiety. 


store in a cool, dry and dark place to maximize the potency of oils

always do a small patch test beforehand to test for allergies

100% natural and certified organic vegan ingredients

handmade with love, in small batches in bayfield, ontario   


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